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Our mission is to create a healthy farms through our organic fertilizers which will save the earth from harmful chemicals.

green leafed seedlings on black plastic pots

Organic Manure

Our Organic Manures are made of natural materials like animal manures using natural composting procedures.


brown and white caterpillar on green moss


VERMICOMPOST is manufactured from the buffalo / Cow dung & biomass used by VERMI CULTURE TECHNOLOGY and SCIENTIFIC COMPOSTING. 

green metal garden shovel filled with brown soil

Potting Mix

Its a perfect receipt of organic manures with a combination of more than 15 items making it very lite and effective.

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Bone Meal

Bone meal fertilizer is made from cooked or steamed animal bones, which are then ground into a fine powder for application on plants or crops.

close-up photo of dried leaf

City Compost

Its a mix of all natural products like vegetable waste, animal manures, plant residues, etc. Fixing the nutrients to give better result.

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Phosphate Rich Organic Manure(PROM) is well balanced Organic Manure

row of bean sprout

Bio-Enriched Manure

Bio-Enriched Organic Manure is a combination of Bio and Organic formulations which give perfect results.

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Our Cocopeat is buffered and washed well and converted into low EC and aged to become a compost.

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