Potting Mix

Our mission is to create a healthy farms through our organic fertilizers which will save the earth from harmful chemicals.

Our Potting Mix

Our potting soil mixture is purely organic and 100% chemical-free. It contains organisms that upgrade soil properties. So, there is no danger of wellbeing perils. Contains miniature and large-scale supplements: Our gardening soil combination contains miniature and fullscale supplements which are fundamental for the development of plants. Supplement-rich soil helps the plant give a decent yield. Has great water holding limit Our fertilized soil blend has a great water-holding limit. So, the plants get a lot of time to retain the supplements present in the water. Significance of soil as all of you know, developing medium assumes a vital part in the development of a plant. The dirt is one of the fundamental parts to develop plants. It fills in as the principal wellspring of supplements for the plants. You need to choose a proper developing mechanism for the plants which you have chosen to develop. In the present substantial world, it is hard to get the dirt to develop plants. In the event that at all you get the dirt, it probably won't contain the necessary supplements in it. You need to choose great soil to put the saplings. Supplement-rich soil helps the plant give a decent yield. Its a perfect receipt of organic manures with a combination of more than 15 items making it very lite

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green metal garden shovel filled with brown soil

Applications of Our Potting Mix?

Gardening: Vegetable, Rooftop, herbal


Organic landscaping


Flowering Plants (Floriculture)


Natural Lawn and Garden care


Tissue culture Plants


Sericulture and Aquaculture


Fruit trees (Horticulture)


Natural Lawn and Garden care


Specifications of Potting Mix

Properties Values
Particle Size 
Passes through 10mm mesh washed
Color Black
6 to7
Bulk Density
Less than 1.0gm/cc
 Organic Carbon 
40kgs in HDPE BAG
 Shelf life
2 Years

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