Phosphate Rich Organic Manures (PROM): Enhancing Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Naturally
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Welcome to the Biya Organics website, dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices. In this article, we delve into the world of Phosphate Rich Organic Manures (PROM), an exceptional class of organic fertilizers that play a vital role in improving soil fertility and enhancing plant nutrition. Join us as we uncover the benefits and applications of PROM in sustainable agriculture.

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Understanding Phosphate Rich Organic Manures (PROM):

Phosphate Rich Organic Manures (PROM) are organic fertilizers specifically formulated to provide a rich source of phosphorus (P) to plants. These fertilizers are derived from natural sources, such as bone meal, rock phosphate, fish meal, poultry manure, and other organic materials, which are rich in phosphorus content. PROMs are minimally processed to retain their nutrient composition and ensure their organic integrity.

The Importance of Phosphorus in Plant Nutrition:

Phosphorus is an essential macronutrient required by plants for various physiological processes, including energy transfer, cell division, and the development of roots, flowers, and fruits. It plays a crucial role in overall plant growth, crop yield, and quality. PROM fertilizers provide a sustainable and organic solution to address phosphorus deficiencies in soils and promote healthy plant development.

Advantages of Phosphate Rich Organic Manures (PROM):

1. Sustainable Phosphorus Source: PROM fertilizers utilize natural sources of phosphorus, such as bone meal and rock phosphate, which are renewable and sustainable. By minimizing dependence on synthetic phosphorus fertilizers derived from non-renewable resources, PROMs contribute to the long-term sustainability of agriculture.

2. Slow Release of Phosphorus: PROM fertilizers release phosphorus slowly and gradually, ensuring a steady supply of this vital nutrient to plants over an extended period. This slow-release characteristic reduces the risk of nutrient leaching, improves nutrient use efficiency, and minimizes the environmental impact associated with excessive phosphorus application.

3. Soil Health Enhancement: Phosphate Rich Organic Manures not only provide phosphorus to plants but also contribute to overall soil health. These fertilizers enrich the soil with organic matter, improve soil structure, enhance microbial activity, and promote nutrient cycling. The organic matter content in PROMs enhances soil water-holding capacity, aeration, and nutrient retention, resulting in healthier and more fertile soils.

4. Environmental Stewardship: By choosing PROM fertilizers over synthetic alternatives, farmers contribute to environmental stewardship. PROMs are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic additives, and heavy metals that can potentially leach into groundwater or harm beneficial organisms. Their organic nature ensures that they support biodiversity and promote a sustainable balance within the ecosystem.

5. Enhanced Plant Nutrition: The phosphorus provided by PROM fertilizers improves plant nutrition, leading to better crop yields and quality. Adequate phosphorus availability enhances root development, flowering, and fruiting, resulting in healthier and more productive plants. PROMs also aid in nutrient uptake and utilization, optimizing the overall nutrient balance within the plants.

Application of Phosphate Rich Organic Manures (PROM):

PROM fertilizers can be applied to various agricultural systems, including field crops, horticultural crops, home gardens, and organic farming operations. The application rates may vary depending on soil conditions, crop requirements, and specific PROM formulations. It is recommended to follow recommended guidelines and consult with agricultural experts to ensure appropriate and effective utilization of PROMs.


Phosphate Rich Organic Manures (PROM) fertilizers provide a sustainable and organic solution to address phosphorus deficiencies in soils and promote healthy plant growth. By harnessing the power of natural sources, PROMs contribute to soil fertility, enhance plant nutrition, and support sustainable agriculture. Embrace PROMs as an essential component of your organic farming practices, and witness the transformative benefits they bring to your crops and the environment.
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